Instructor Training – PART TWO TEST – Driving Ability

Welcome to part two of our driving instructor training college information pack – PART TWO TEST – Driving Ability

The cost of this test is £111.00 and you are allowed 3 attempts at this exam. The duration of the exam is approximately one hour and you are allowed no more than six minor driving faults.

The Part Two exam consists of 3 parts:-


You must be able to read in good daylight with the aid of glasses or contact lenses if worn, a motor vehicle registration mark containing letters and figures which are:-

79 Millimetres in height and 50 millimetres wide at a distance of 26.5 metres.


79 Millimetres in height and 57 millimetres wide at a distance of 27.5 metres.

If you do not pass the eyesight test, you will not be allowed to take the test and the test will be marked as a fail and count towards 1 of your attempts.

B) Safety Questions

You will be asked to describe how to perform a check on the condition and safety of three components of the vehicle and demonstrate an actual check on the condition of a further two components.

Components could be from the following list:-

Tyres, Steering, Brakes, Lights, Reflectors, Direction Indicators audible warning device and the liquids used in the braking system, engine or elsewhere in the vehicle as a coolant, lubricant, cleaner or otherwise.

C) Test of Driving Ability

This is an advanced driving test and a very high standard is required. You have to show you have good thorough Knowledge of the principles of good driving and road safety and that you can apply them. You have to satisfy the examiner on all of the following areas:-

Expert handling of the controls

Use of correct road procedure

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