Driving Instructor Training – PART 3 TEST – Instructional Ability

The Part 3 exam, which tests instructional ability to become an ADI, has undergone official changes. The cost of this test is £111.00, payable directly to the Driving Standards Agency and you have three attempts to pass the exam.

In the new format, candidates are required to conduct a one-hour driving lesson with a pupil of their choice. The examiner will sit in the back of the tuition vehicle throughout the test. This replaces the previous role play Part 3 test, where the examiner drove the car and acted as a student.

Quails Training

At Quail’s Instructor Training College, we offer a comprehensive course that covers all aspects of the Part 3 exam. You will receive our PART THREE INSTRUCTING WORKBOOKS AND LESSON PLANS.

During the course, you will receive 40 hours of one-to-one in-car training, without any classroom situations like in other establishments. You will be provided with a comprehensive folder containing all the necessary information and lesson plans for your driving instructor training exam.

In addition to the training mentioned above, you will also gain experience by observing several driving lessons conducted by your personal tutor. This will help you see how you will deliver driving lessons to your students once you become qualified.

Upon achieving full qualification as an ADI to a high standard and successfully passing an interview with Quail’s, you will have the opportunity for a job with earning potential. Part-time positions offer £20,000 per annum, while full-time positions offer £50,000 per annum.