Driving Lessons – Top 10 tips

Are you looking to learn to drive quickly and easily? Well we have compiled the following ‘Top 10 tips’ to help you get the most from your driving lessons.

1. Failure to prepare is preparing to fail

Before you have your first driving lesson, download a copy of the highway code. Make yourself as familiar as possible with it and formulate a good understanding of its rules before you get on the road.

You can view a copy here

2. Automatic or manual?

This is an important decision as it will impact on your driving future. If you learn to drive using an automatic gearbox, which is considered to make learning to drive easier, you won’t be able to drive a manual gearbox car once you have passed. On the other hand, learning to drive and passing your test in a manual gearbox car entitles you to drive an automatic in the future. Quails School of motoring provide both automatic and manual driving lessons.

3. Choosing the right instructor

This may depend on your location, how quickly you would like to pass your test and also whether you would like lessons using an automatic or a manual gearbox.

Although anybody over the age of 21, who has had a full driving licence for three years can provide you with lessons, you should always learn with a fully qualified driving instructor to maximise your chances of passing your test first time.

If you are looking for driving schools in Wirral, you can do no better than Quails School of Motoring. We also cover the Liverpool, Chester, North Wales and Ellesmere Port area. We have an exceptionally high 1st time pass rate, provide driving instructor training (so can be trusted) and also provide both automatic and manual driving lessons.

4. Learn at your own pace

When you first start the process of learning to drive, try to book regular lessons to maximise your development. The regularity of your driving lessons may depend on your availability, life-style and finances. Some driving students may wish to book single lessons as and when they know they will be available, some may wish to block book a course of 10 lessons over a set period, whereas some book ‘crash courses’ (intensive courses) with the aim of passing as quickly as possible.

Just remember there are plenty of choices to suit you. The key is to relax and enjoy learning to drive, so learn at your pace!

5. Wear the right footwear

Comfortable footwear is essential to controlling the pedals. Developing the perfect driving technique isn’t easy and it certainly wont be made any easier by wearing high heels or heavy boots. Control of the pedals is key, so wear a comfy pair of trainers or pumps with a flat sole.

6. Additional practice between your driving lessons

Our driving instructors will be able to advise you when you are ready to start practicing in between your lessons. This can be invaluable in putting all that you’ve learnt on your lessons into practice. It also gives you more time on the road, more time to practice those vital maneuvers and can help build your confidence behind the wheel.

7. Consider a ‘crash course’ of intensive driving lessons.

If you are looking to pass your test in a hurry, you can book a crash course of driving lessons. In some cases you can learn to drive in under a week using crash courses. They require time, hard work and dedication but can have you on the road in no time!

Sometimes crash courses can be ideal to top up on previous driving lesson experience and can add the finishing touches to your driving skills just before your test.

8. Develop good road skills

The more driving experience you get the better. Learning to drive with an experienced fully qualified instructor will not only save you time and money, but will also quickly develop your confidence and give you the practical driving skills you need to pass your test and stay safe on todays busy roads.

9. Study for your theory test

While learning to drive, be proactive about studying for your theory test. You will need to pass your theory test prior to taking your driving test, so invest time in revising for the theory well in advance of your instructor booking it. This will also help you on the road as it provides lots of tips about the highway code and the best practice of driving.

10. Manoeuvres – Practice, practice, practice!

Manoeuvres can make or break your driving test. You can be the competent driver on the road, but make a major mistake on a manoeuvre and it can cause you to fail your test. The manoeuvres you may be tested on are as follows:

  • Turn in the road (3 point turn)
  • Reverse around a corner
  • Reverse park
  • Parallel park

Follow these tips and you may well find yourself on the road before you know it!

If you would like to put the wheels in motion, contact us here…

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