Driving Instructor Training – Job Security

Job Security – is something we all strive for. In these uncertain times you never know whether your job is safe from one day to the next. Things can be fine today, but who knows whether things will be the same next year or in five or ten years.

What is certain is that the driving instruction industry has always been stable. With about one million births every year in the United Kingdom there is a constant and steady flow of young people wanting and needing to learn to drive. This has been the case for the past twenty years and the trend is set to continue. There are also rife rumours that Britain may follow other European countries and require learner drivers to only have professional tuition. That can only be good news for ADI’s.

What we do know is that 97% of people who learn to drive have professional tuition. Recent changes within the industry will not only ensure that this remains the case, but will increase the earnings capacity of the ADI. These changes include the Theory Test, retraining of driver offenders, the Pass Plus advanced driver training scheme and introduction last year of the more difficult and longer driving test. There has also been a sharp increase in fleet training for company employees for insurance purposes.

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