What are the benefits of fleet driver training with us?

First 4 Fleet & Risk Ltd in partnership with Quails

To the company:

  • Safer more profitable fleet
  • Reduced fuel costs (realistic reduction of 15% during training, 10% overall)
  • Environmentally friendly fleet
  • Lower insurance premiums*
  • Lower admin costs
  • Better residual value of vehicles
  • Less wear and tear (brakes, tyres, clutches, gearboxes etc)
  • Less collisions (cost of repair, downtime, insurance excess)
  • Reduced work stress on employees
  • Lower absenteeism rates
  • Improved company image- better customer relations
  • Employee responsibility-Health and safety compliance
  • Corporate manslaughter act avoidance
  • Lower fleet risk

For the drivers:

  • Reduces driver related stress
  • Greater self awareness
  • Lower risk of personal injury
  • Improved performance
  • Feeling of being valued by employer
  • lower driver risk


  • Providing you with a safer more profitable fleet /Reduced fuel costs
  • Lower environmental impact /Improved company image
  • Greater customer relations /Increased employee performance
  • Lower absenteeism rates /Strengthen your Employee-Employer relationship
  • Fleet risks at a minimum

We can offer the following cost effective services;

1/ On-line risk assessment using the latest risk technology

http://www.first4fleet.co.uk/our-services/driver-risk-assessment-testing/ for a free demo

2/ Driver policies and Handbooks

3/ Fleet safety audits

4/ Driver safety workshops

5/ Grey fleet management

6/ Vehicle tracking and Mobile lone worker protection, including an innovative on-line dashboard  – RADiCAL